BBNotePad 1.1.3 Final (Signed)

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A text edit software with the following functions
1 Open and save text files in BB memory and BB SD card(Max 64,000 bytes)
2 Open ANSI, UNICODE, UNICODE-BE and UTF-8 text file formats.(Windows formats with BOM)
3 Save file in UTF-8 format.


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    Update from 1.0.3:
1 Add Delete function for file explorer.(DELETE key or menu item)
2 Info function for file explorer shows dir's all files size.
3 file explorer will remember the last path.(Both Open and Save)
    Update from 1.0.4:
Only fix the file rename bug at save screen.(now DELETE and Backspace keys work well while editing the filename)
    Update from 1.0.4
1 File explorer become more comfortable.(Try the new style)
2 A new menu for File explorer  "Save Here", now,you can save the file at where you are exploring.
The "Select" menu also works.
3 Cursor position indicator of hte file now comes out.
4 Read only mode support with more shortcut keys.
See menu "ReadOnly".
5 ESC key now works for 'exit'
    Update from 1.0.5
I decide to lock the current functions. I think these are enough for daily use. So I make the version to 1.1.0. Thanks to erery body who loves this application. 
I put the beta version out and I hope I could release it on Olympic day!
Hope for your feedback!

1 Improvement 
File Explorer screen prettification with file icon support.
File Explorer screen has some shortcut keys.
        'i' for info, 'c' for close ,'u' for move up, 'd' for move down, SPACE for page down.
Main screen with editor mode
indicator. See the main screen icon at top- left corner.
Main menu adjustment.
2 New functions 
"Jump to" function
"Search" function
"History" function, at history screen ,
'u' for move up, 'd' for move down, SPACE for page down,DEL for delete.
"Config" function
        default editor mode (readonly or edit); Font setting; Default explorer dir setting.
        To set default dir, at file explorer, see menu "set as default"
    Update from 1.1.0 Beta
Only Bug Fix

Update from 1.1.0 release

1 Improvement 
When exiting app with file modified, there are 3 options now YES NO and Cancel(just press ESC again to cancel).

2 New functions 
Reading from Memo (See menu)
Character set auto detected when reading (See Configure)
A few new formats to save as (See 
Support file encryption, if you use
encryption format, the saved file will be only accessed by your BB.

Update from 1.1.1 Beta

1 Improvement 
Home screen hotkey
support to invoke BBNotePad. key 'P'.

2 New functions 
Write to Memo (See menu)
'Open file explorer when start up' option (See Configure)
Rar file unpack(only normal method, txt file and audio file)
(See file explorer screen menu 'unzip')
Zip file unpack
(See file explorer screen menu 'unzip')
File name decoding for Zip and Rar
(See Configure)

Update from 1.1.2 Final
Saving bug fixed.

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Shortcut Keys for ReadOnly

        88XX and 83XX
'P' and '*'                 Page up
'n','#' and SPACE     Page down
'o' and '4'                 Open a file
's' and '5'                 Save a file
'a' and '6'                 File save as
't' and '1'                  Move to top
'b' and '3'                  Move to bottom
'j' and '2'                  Jump to
'q' and '8'                 Search
'h' and '7'                 History
'e'                             Switch to Edit mode
'o' and '*'                 Page up
SPACE  and '#'         Page down
'd' and '4'                 Open a file
'g' and '5'                 Save a file
'j' and '6'                 File save as
'e' and '1'                  Move to top
'u' and '3'                  Move to bottom
't' and '2'                  Jump to
'q' and '8'                 Search
'c' and '7'                 History
'm'                           Switch to Edit mode

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Todo List:
Your suggestion?

Any questions and suggestions, please post them in my blog  ( Wap site)

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1 This software is free ware for home users.
2 This software is developed in JDE 4.2.1, so it will work well for 4.2 firmware.
3 if you are using none english languages, use unicode or utf-8 file formats for good compatibility
4 Some body would ask the differences from the MemoPad.
MemoPad can only store in memory while this can store in SD as a file.
If you want to share some text notes or jokes via bluetooth, this software can help you to store the text in file.

5 I setup a PayPal account with Email [email address]

Any one who like the little app could make a donation.

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1.1.3 Final (Signed)

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